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Visit us at ‘Rebuild Ukraine’ in Warsaw (November 14-15, 2023)

We are excited to announce that CarboSeal® will be proudly participating in the Rebuild Ukraine exhibition, a remarkable event dedicated to the future of Ukraine. Join us at our booths 1-A-18 and 3-C-7/4.
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CarboSeal® district heating pipe rehabilitation by SFAB in Tullinge, Sweden

SFAB installs CarboSeal® underneath a busy road

The rehabilitation in using CarboSeal® in Tullinge, Sweden, only took four days, and the heating system was recommissioned in the same week.
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CarboSeal® district heating pipe rehabilitation by Zepris in Prague, Czech Republic

Big money saving installation in Prague by Zepris

The CarboSeal® installation carried out by Zepris in Prague circumvented the need to activate a reserve heating plant, which would have incurred costs exceeding 100,000€ per day.
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No wear at all after eleven-month test-run in Neumünster

Nach elfmonatigem Probelauf unter Realbedingungen wurde die Teststrecke in Neumünster, in die im März 2022 ein vierzig Meter langer CarboSeal®-Liner eingebaut wurde, inspiziert. Es konnten keine Veränderungen oder Auffälligkeiten festgestellt werden.
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CarboSeal passes test in Neumünster

CarboSeal passes the Test in Neumünster, Germany

Thanks to AGFW and Stadtwerke Neumünster, PPR had the opportunity to install CarboSeal on a 40 meter long test track and show the potential of the district heating liner.
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Norrenergi uses sustainable no-dig method to renew district heating pipes in Stockholm.

Norrenergi renewed a pipe section in Stockholm without excavating and replacing the old pipes with CarboSeal.
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Simple, Fast and Sustainable Renewal of District Heating Pipes

The PPR team and its partners are proud to present CarboSeal®, which will help District Heating companies to fix leaking pipe systems and renew their networks in a fast, simple and sustainable way.
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